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Top 5 Umberto


Top Five Moments from your last Arizona Trip
1. First Cactus Ditch Session
2. Dorian's party with everyone
3. Swimming in the pond
4. Chilling at the house with X-Rated, Alex, and his roomates
5. Thursday Night Skate at El Mirage

"Find a girl that won't try to destroy my life"

Top Five Songs that get you going right now
1. Colddreams - "Morning Rain"
2. The Residents - "Betty's Body"
3. Elli & Jacno - "Roulette Russe"
4. Tones and Tail - "Twist"
5. The US of A - "Metaphysical Circus"
Top Five People that have impacted your life
1. My Mom
2. Le Sean's
3. Best Friends
4. Jesus/Liz/Brandon/Sean
5. Dirt-Box
Top Five Worst Things about Blading right now
1. People are getting old and lazy
3. People using good tricks on sh*tty edits/videos
4. Scooters in bladeshops
5. All the haters/close minded people
Top Five Best Things about Blading right now
1. Dirt-Box
2. Makes you travel and learn
3. Skater's style and skills are getting nuts
4. All the good people involved with it
5. 30 year old dudes still there and killing it
Top Five Things you want to accomplish
1. Get my project done
2. Find a girl that won't try to destroy my life
3. Make better money
4. Make Le Sean's 3 happen
5. Meet a lot of new people
Top Five Things People should know about you
1. Could be really shy or the exact opposite but if you break the ice you'll find me crashed below
2. I draw and paint
3. I love partying
4. I'm French
5. That is the hardest question I had to answer in a long time


Umberto Toselli - fakie on to illusion fakie 3 in Arizona - photo by Awall



James Johnson / wallride 180 / Tucson, AZ


Mason Richard
TOP 5 Mason Richard