real skater owned
Top 5 Ghouse


Top Five Reasons you wear your helmet
1. Used to it
2. OCD
3. Everyone else who wants to is too scared to
4. Head Injury would suck
5. 13 years, same one

"Scheme with AJ how to take over the World"

Top Five Places you've been
1. Excursion Inlet, Alaska
2. Merrakesh, Morocco
3. Barcelona
4. Amsterdam
5. Portland
Top Five Favorite Foods
1. Muffin from Hard Times
2. Avocado
3. Trail Mix
4. Banana
5. Mango
Top Five Ways to Entertain yourself in the VX Tour Van
1.Scheme with AJ how to take over the world
2. Catch up on sleep
3. Read
4. Draw on the upholstery
5. The PJ
Top Five All-Time Video Sections
1. Mike Lilly - Road to Nowhere
2. Aaron Feinberg - VG9
3. Jon Elliott - Brain Fear Gone
4. Jeff Stockwell - Film Part Two
5. Micah Yeager - Road to Nowhere
Top Five Minneapolis Skaters
1. Jon Robinson
2. Farm
3. Jeph Howard
4. Aaron Fagre
5. Ben Weis
Top Five Ways to Recover from a Broken Ankle
1. Spend more time with my girlfriend
2. Cook
3. Read
4. Do Better in school
5. Do the many things I put off b/c of skating
Top Five Benefits of riding for Xsjado
1. Comfort, I can wear them all day with no pain
2. Never got a blister or bruised heel before
3. JC kicks butt at his job
4. All the homies on the team
5. Negrete is making the team video
Top Five Ways to make it thru a Minnesota Winter
1. Summit skatepark to ourselves
2. Monday Blade Night
3. Yoga
4. School
5. Christmas time with the fam

Top Five AJ Moments while on Tour
1. Driving from Little Rock to Memphis at night with no head lights
2. Charles Dunkle Punch at Superhick 2008
3. Austin Texas rush hour ghost ride
4. Passenger Seat through window onto roof to driver seat ghost ride
5. Watching some crazy ex-marine dude standing on the edge of a building in Milwaukee thinking about jumping


Michael Garlinghouse - Misfit to drop in Los Angeles - photo by Kruise Sapstein



James Johnson / wallride 180 / Tucson, AZ


Mason Richard
TOP 5 Mason Richard