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Top 5 Merd


Top Five Honey Baked Moments
1. Bina's Ender-based, that weekend
2. Staying at Dan Leifield's for 2 weeks in the middle of summer, so fu#king hot
3. Wheels falling off my car several times
4. Going westside for the first time in my life to Arizona
5. Stick n Poke in Bina's garage

"Make blading actually seem cool"

Top Five Things you like about blading
1. Travelling
2. Meeting sick people
3. Hillbombs
4. Being in the air
5. Spliff 30 right before the session
Top Five Reasons to live in LA
1. Promise Land
2. Weed prices
3. Not 0 Degrees
4. To avoid biclords
5. We out Here
Top Five Skaters who are coming up
1. All the dudes I live with
2. The Worst Dudes
3. Strange Creatures
4. Jimi P and Little Steve
5. Sebastian Seufferheld
Top Five Best Things about Arizona
1. Staying with 15 dudes in a 1 bedroom Apt.
2. Revolution/James
3. Not doing anything
4. Had some pretty awesome hosts
5. Cement skateparks
Top Five Craziest Tricks you've filmed
1. Labarre's Bank 720
2. Davis Honey Baked Ender
3. Bina's X Gap Royale straight banger
4. Bina's shuffle a/o fish
5. Darst's Top Acid to Roll in
Top Five Reasons to keep filming with the 2K
1. Can actually see what's going on
2. People would appreciate solid skate audio
3. MK1
4. HD is dusty
5. The 1K is better
Top Five Things you would buy if you had 10 Grand
1. Beer for everyone
2. Shrimp Burritos errnight
3. Billboard advertising in California
4. A full tank of gas, very rare
5. Remaining Haitian
Top Five Places to film skating
1. LA
2. Hawaii
3. GH
4. New York
5. Razor's Warehouse
Top Five Motivations
1. For the paper
2. Get rid of false doom
3. Negrete
4. Make blading actually seem cool
5. sticstic
Top Five Things to make happen in 2012
1. Film a new video
2. Meet babes
3. Hesh L.A
4. Get some free skates ya dig?
5. Survive the doom


Malcolm Heard - wallride to gap 180 in Los Angeles - photo by Thinh Le



James Johnson / wallride 180 / Tucson, AZ


Mason Richard
TOP 5 Mason Richard