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Revolution 90 Seconds - Travis Rhodes

How was your experience filming for your 90 Second Edit?

Filming for my 90 was way to fun. I got to skate a lot of fun spots and do a lot of tricks I didn't think I could do.

You spent the winter here in Arizona, a lot of your homies from Chicago also came thru - what is your impression of AZ?

Arizona is AWESOME! The skate scene is tight and the spots are fu#king amazing. I can't wait to come back.

"For the 90, I just kinda wanted to test my limits for a bit and see what came out" - Rhodes

RhodesWhich trick or situation was most memorable for you while filming for your Revolution 90?

I think the most memorable trick might be the fast plant farside tru makio or fish or whatever it's called. Because, that's the trick that took the least amount of time to do it. Whenever I didn't want to do a trick anymore cause it was taking too long, X would always bribe me with food so I would land it. Haha.

You look a lot older than you are, and for someone as young as you are - you have your style on point. What are your main influences?

I guess I would say people like Mike Lilly, Micah Yeager, Gabriel Hyden, all the doods in Honey Baked, Chris Farmer, Jon Elliott, and Tory Treseder.

What kinds of spots do you prefer to skate?

I like to skate cool looking spots or just anything that is kinda like a skatepark, as long as it's fun. For the 90, I just kinda wanted to test my limits for a bit, and see what came out.

For someone who is constantly on the move, skating new places, checking out different skate scenes. What's next for you?

Next stop is Chicago for a little bit then hopefully moving to Los Angeles with all the homies.

"Not everyone gets to have a 90 so I am thankful" - Rhodes

What does having a Revolution 90 Second Edit mean to you?

Having a Revolution 90 Second Edit means a lot to me. Not everyone gets to have a 90, so I am thankful in the time I spent in Arizona that I was offered a 90. Thanks a lot James.


Thank yous

James and Gretchen, Cory Miller for letting me sleep on his couch the whole time, Andy too, X for putting up with me every time we went out filming, and anyone who supports my blading, and my mother, without her none of this was possible.

Revolution 90 Second Edits filmed/edited by Jon Jenkins


James Johnson / wallride 180 / Tucson, AZ


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