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Revolution 90 Seconds - Mike Lilly

LillyFirst of all - what sparked the motivation in you?

Watching Sean (Santamaria) and I's old parts, the old band videos, I thought "I'm not done yet."

How was your experience filming for your Revolution 90 Second Edit?

Fliming for the 90 was easy, there are so many spots and great people involved it's difficult not to get off your ass and do something.

Which kinds of obstacles do you prefer to skate?

Arizona spots.

LillyWhich trick or situation was most memorable for you while filming your 90 second edit?

Hanging at Bina's spot with all the dudes was my jam, Travis Rhodes dropping the quarter roof while we ate sandwiches.

You mentioned you saw little pieces/influences from your skating in the new generation of skaters. You also said you hope to look back and have left your "mark" on rollerblading - explain what you meant by that.

Rollerblading has been the biggest part of my life for the last 17 years, so I just want to be remembered for leaving a positive, inspiring mark in it that maybe noticeable in the bastards and killers of the future.

"I'm not done yet" - Lilly

LillyFilming for your 90, you never skipped a beat skating wise, you said this is the most clips you've ever gotten in a week. It was amazing. What is your outlook on how you push yourself skating now versus before?

I need not think about sh*t when I'm skating and do the things I know I can do, and try to do them as steezy as possible. Keep up with these young steeze balls.

What does "style" mean to you? What are your main influences for your skating?

Style means looking like you were born to do what you're doing, and my influences are Petty, Sagona, DL, Julio, Sean Santamaria, Shima, Elliott, and the ol' band.


Before you came to visit AZ, Matty Schrock (who lived here for 4 months) told you that "you're not going to want to leave." What was your overall impression of Arizona?

AZ is amazing, all the dudes there are THE SH*T, Thursday Night Skates are ridiculous how many people come out (even on a slow night), I want Sean to go out there so it will change him like it's changed me.

What does having a 90 Second Edit mean to you?

Having a 90 means the world to me. James and Gretch are two amazing people that are truly trying to make young rollerboys and girls happy, while helping the industry as much as possible.

"Style means looking like you were born to do what you're doing" - Lilly


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Thank yous

Sophie, Lucybear, Seanboy, my family, James, Gretch, and Shea, JON JENKINS, all my dudes and dudettes at Momos, the old band, the kids in AZ, all the dudes hanging at Bina's, Alec, Xanthany, Sergio, Yams, Luke, Daily, Jacey, Devon, etc., Austin Paz, and Adam, Negrete, all the kfc guys, and most of all my florida boys for keeping mother f*ckers in check!

Revolution 90 Second Edits filmed/edited by Jon Jenkins


James Johnson / wallride 180 / Tucson, AZ


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