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Revolution 90 Seconds - Mathieu Ledoux

Mathieu Ledoux

How was your experience filming for your Revolution 90 Second Edit?

Pure Joy! I mean you can't go wrong with Arizona! Amazing people, awesome spots, perfect weather and... did I mention amazing people.

We have always been juiced watching you skate, I showed DL one of your edits, and his eyes lit up (hard to do). Like everyone else, we had to re-watch it to figure out what the hell you had just did. When did you decide to mix parkour into your skating? And why?

Give me a second here, I am still shocked about that DL thing. Well, I guess mixing parkour into my skating came naturally. Since I love to do both of them it felt right to mix it together. Plus, it gives me so much more freedom of expression when I skate. Much more space to create, you know what I mean.

"I hope you get inspired and express yourself fully through your skating" - Mathieu Ledoux

ML Photo 2Which trick, or situation was most memorable for you while filming for your 90?

So many memorable situations that its hard to pick one, I mean from walking the dog every morning, to the drop-in the love bowl, skating with "Crazy B," seeing people so much, inspired after watching all my clips in Jon Jenkin's room, sitting on top of bell rock in Sedona, Vortex! Yes encouragement!

We had been trying to set up a trip for you to come film in Arizona, but with your busy schedule, it was about 2 years in the making to get you out here because of your profession. Explain exactly what you do for a living?

Professional Stuntman.

What does having a 90 Second Edit mean to you?

It means a lot, it means that my skating is inspiring people. It means nothing and everything, it means whatever I want it to mean.

You're the first rollerblader to drop in on the infamous "Love Bowl" here in Arizona. A few skaters have stood up there, and ended up changing their mind. Explain the whole situation of dropping in on it. What was going thru your head?

Dude, James told me to do it....hahaha. So much went threw my head, "why?, I dont need to, what if?, who cares?, sh#t I am flying,*&?%$, I am gonna wreck myself." And then just before I dropped, it was complete silence.

ML Kong Sequence

Your approach to life seems to rub off on everyone around you. You can't help but want to be a better person after meeting you. What is your philosophy for how you live?

Wow, thanks for the complement man! Well, I try to stay connected to the source, live in love, and leave my past behind along with my ego. I also try not to get caught in my own meanings of things, that way I can see what is really there and not what I think is there.

What do you hope skaters take away with after watching your 90 second edit?

First I want to thank them for watching it. It's a blessing for me to be able to share what I love to do with you who are reading this right now. I truly hope you get juiced to go out there and feel joy on your skates. I hope you get inspired and express yourself fully through your skating. Don't compare yourself, just do your thing. Remember how fun skating is, know that skating is not more fun or more special when you are pro. Know that if you see me somewhere you are more than welcome to come and talk to me, to skate with me.

Revolution 90 Second Edits filmed/edited by Jon Jenkins


James Johnson / wallride 180 / Tucson, AZ


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