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Revolution 90 Seconds - Keaton Newsom

KeatonHow was your experience filming for your Revolution 90 Second Edit?

It was an all around great experience. At first, I think we were all a bit worried as to if we could actually get it done in 9 days. But we did! Working with X and James was awesome! They both are super professional but at the same time they have fun! I always respected and enjoyed the way they portrayed rollerblading. I believe there are only a few people out there portraying it the way it needs to be- X and the 90's, if you will, definitely do! Waking up every morning to multiple texts with exact locations of spots from James was pretty surreal. Good times.

What are your main influences for your skating? What has been the biggest impact on you?

Growing up, I was influenced by many great skaters and styles which allowed me to create a foundation for my skating. Today, my skating is purely a form of my own self expression. I blade the way I want to blade. Other influences would include music, spots and fashion/style. Through rollerblading, I have met and bladed with so many great people. The travel, experiences and friendships via blading have boldly influenced who I am today. For better or for worse... Haha

"I'd like to leave my mark in rollerblading" - Keaton Newsom

Which trick or situation was most memorable for you while filming for your 90 Second Edit?

Well this is an easy one. I'd say my ender was the most memorable. Let's just say X lived up to his "Can you do it one more time?" reputation. It was definitely a creepy one, but I ended up doing it first try. X was really the only one who could film so he decided to get the shot with a fish-eye. So I lace it and I'm stoked! And of course, X being a perfectionist and wanting it to be done right, he asked me to do it again. I told him I didn't want to and everyone around me proceeded to do the same. Nonetheless, the next day he hits me up and begs me to do it again. I was still skeptical. So like the last day I was in town, we went back. I was already regretting agreeing to do it again. We set up the board; however this time we didn't have everything we had to support the board like we had last time. So here I am about to do this trick again and I'm tripping out about the board giving in when I jump. What do you know, it did! I almost clipped the spiked fence when I was jumping but still managed to make it over. But I was pissed because I knew I could do it way better but I really didn't want to do it again. Thankfully to Alex Braunagel and his handy-man ways, we secured the board and I got one more try. I laced it and both X and I were definitely pleased with how it turned out.

KeatonYou've been fortunate to live/travel to different countries growing up - where did you live, and what was it like?

I lived in Singapore from age 10 to 17. It was an amazing experience. At a young age, I was exposed to a whole different culture and on top of that I was able to travel all around the world. Looking back, living in Asia was one of the best experiences of my life.

Your positive attitude is well known throughout our industry - what is your outlook on blading? Life in general?
When you have put so much into a sport like rollerblading and the state it is in, it's hard not to be behind it and have an optimistic outlook for the most part. In a sense, I'm "pot-committed" at this point. I see so much potential in blading and I want everyone to see it the way most of us feel it needs to be portrayed. I guess you could say, I'd like to leave my mark in rollerblading and for that matter, life in general.

"I'm either completely motivated or not at all" - Keaton Newsom

What kinds of spots do you prefer to skate? How important is spot selection to you when filming?

Spot selection has been a recent obsession for me. I'm really into filming and skating spots that stand out or are different than the average ones you always see people skating. I'm one of those bladers that is either completely motivated or not at all. Filming in particular, I'll only skate a spot if I really am into it; otherwise, I'll probably end up getting hurt. Lately I've been into banks, fences, wall-rails, building spots and for the most part, ones that are visually appealing. I just don't understand why you should inhibit yourself by only skating certain spots. We, as rollerbladers, can skate so many obstacles and ones that most other sports couldn't even touch.

KeatonWhere do you want to go with blading? What do you want to accomplish?

I'd like to continue doing my thing and blade the way I like to blade. Like I said before, I have put so many years into it and I don't want to stop now. I want to continue filming parts that are well done both filming and skating-wise. I want to travel and meet more awesome people!

What does having a 90 Second Edit mean to you?

It's an honor to have a 90 Second Edit and to also support such an awesome skate shop like Revolution. To work with and support people like James and Gretchen and Jon Jenkins is great! I have always wanted one since I saw the first couple. And to be the last addition following so many great skaters, I couldn't be more stoked and honored to be a part of the project! Oh, and as Jon "X" Jenkins would like me to say "Turning it up!"

KeatonThank yous

First of all, I'd like to thank Revolution Skate shop (James and Gretchen) and X for this amazing opportunity! I'd like to thank Valo/ Julio for being boss man and really supporting and believing in me from the beginning! Geoff Acers and Ground Control for being awesome! Dan Fabiano and Scribe! Alex, Jerome and Ashley for letting me crash in Phoenix! All the Singapore bladers! My Dallas homies. My boss for being rad and letting me travel so much! Everyone of my great friends I have met through blading! And most of all, I'd like to thank my Mom for always supporting me in whatever it is I do. She's awesome. And thank you guys for watching and actually reading my bullsh#t.

Revolution 90 Second Edits filmed/edited by Jon Jenkins


James Johnson / wallride 180 / Tucson, AZ


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