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Revolution 90 Seconds - James Johnson

JohnsonHow was your experience filming for your 90 Second Edit?

For me personally, it was amazing. There's no better feeling than to finish a project you've poured everything you've got into. Overall, filming for all the 90's this year has been an incredible experience. We've had a ton of late nights, drove our cars into the ground, watched our friends put it all on the line, and have seen some really amazing things go down. It's something that I'll never forget, all lasting memories. Jon [Jenkins] and I live it; it's natural for us to load up the car with a ton of gear, and head out into the streets. It's funny, every film session is always a minimum 5 hours. Never fails. But, I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's what we do.

When we first started filming, what were you planning on doing with your footage?

Well, we weren't planning on doing a 90 initially with my footage. I was always out skating during the filming for all the 90's, and I'd get clips here and there. I told Jon let's hold onto the footage, and see what happens. We had the idea to use it to launch our new video project called "Quick Hits" after the 90's are done. Then, when Dominic [Sagona] moved here, we were out skating, and I got a clip. Dom said, "I want to see a James 90 Second edit." That was what really sparked the idea to do it. Jon and I put everything on a timeline, and started to really focus on making it happen. I'm pretty juiced on how it all worked out.

"Being really comfortable on my blades, and confident in what I can do is the best feeling ever. I know one day I won't have that feeling anymore, so I want to make the most out of it before it's gone" - James

JohnsonWhich trick or situation was most memorable for you while filming for your Revolution 90?

The whole thing was memorable for me. From the good to the bad, I made sure to enjoy the whole process. I definitely paid the price for all my clips. But, if I had to choose one, it would be the ender freeway gap to roll-in. That was so scary. I was facing oncoming traffic on the busiest freeway in Arizona. Standing up there waiting to go with cars flying by me going 75 mph is enough to make anyone lose it. The run out also went into another busy intersection, so I had 3 skaters down below I trusted with my life to tell me it was clear. It was so blind standing up there. They yelled "clear" to Jon - who then yelled to me - "OK! GO!!" I had zero room to hesitate on something like that. I dipped into the oncoming HOV lane, jumped the wall, and rolled the bank. Thankfully I rolled away first try. Then, naturally after any near death experience, Jon asked me - "hey can you do that one more time?" Hahaha, I said, "Sorry Jon, not this time amigo."

JohnsonYou mentioned how it's crazy that the older you get the better your skating becomes, explain what that means?

It is crazy to think I have been skating for 17 years now, more than half my life. Right now, skating feels the best it's ever felt to me. Being really comfortable on my blades, and confident in what I can do is the best feeling ever. I know one day I won't have that feeling anymore, so I want to make the most out of it before it's gone. I guess you can say I am more "in the moment" mentally. It's such a great thing, I don't want to lose it.

JohnsonThe spots you choose to skate in your 90 show a "real skater influence." What inspires you to choose the spots you do?

Arizona is loaded with really amazing spots. I also take a lot of pride in finding new spots, keeping things fresh in our scene. It's funny when people see my i-phone spot list for the first time, they freak out, it scrolls forever, like it's never ending. For me personally, I like skating spots that have something extra to it, a spot that is interesting, nothing too "standard." I always get juiced to see a spot that wasn't meant to be skated, but it turns out tight. Skating is going more and more in that direction. We're also fortunate enough in Arizona to have a lot of ditch/bank spots that are always sick. A bank to anything is my jam. It makes Arizona so unique. Also, loading docks are hidden gems. Always look behind the building - you never know what you'll find.

JohnsonThis is the first time you've put together a full section of yourself. How does it feel to have finally accomplished this at age 33?

It feels amazing. I'm really excited with how it all turned out. Jon is such an amazing filmer, we're blessed to have him be involved with Revolution. I can't thank him enough. He'll be right there with you through the battle, posted up for hours waiting for you to lace your trick. There were moments when I wanted to give up on a trick, getting tired of getting broke off, something every skater goes thru you know. Then you get that little bit of encouragement, Jenkins likes to say "serve these fools." Haha, stuff like that keeps you going. Nothing is better than lacing something that you thought was a little beyond your ability. You surprise yourself with what you're capable of doing. I surprised myself coming thru with a section like this. I'm juiced. I think skaters just need someone to bring it out of them. Jon is famous for asking you to do things "one more time" after you get it - at the time, you seriously want to kill him. But, in the end, that is why everything he does is so good, he has a really high standard for what he does, and what he expects out of you. Everything has to be perfect thru his lense, and it ends up pushing you as a skater. He's able to bring out the best in you when filming. Jon did that with my 90, he's done that with everyone's 90, it's what makes them all so good.

"Not everyone can truly say they are a skater owned company. I live it completely, better or worse, this is my life." - James

JohnsonWhat does having a Revolution 90 Second Edit mean to you?

It means everything to me that I can represent Revolution on this level. Not everyone can truly say they are a "skater owned" company. I live it completely, better or worse, this is my life. More than that, I believe skaters have to be in control of our industry in order for a future. These days, it is easy to see what is skater influenced and what is not. We carry a really high standard for Revolution in the way we present blading. Only if you skate you have a complete understanding of what blading is and the direction it needs to go in. We have that vision. I can't stand to see people who don't skate being involved in what we do. We are the ones who bleed for it, make the sacrifice, and put everything on the line for blading. This is "ours."

Thank yous

JohnsonMy wife Gretchen for telling me to get up and try again, without her support, none of this would be possible. My soon to be son, "Elias" for the inspiration to better myself. I am excited to one day show you my 90! Jon Jenkins, I owe you more than I can ever give, you're a good friend. The entire Revolution Team, we're proud to have all of you involved with our vision. All the skaters who have busted their ass filming a Revolution 90, you all are amazing! Mathieu Ledoux for changing my perspective on life, Damien Wilson for the constant support, Joey Chase for being ruthless, Bolino for being a strong influence on our AZ scene, Matty Schrock for being the toughest blader I know, Mike Lilly for being Mike Lilly, CK for saying fu#k it all, Matthias Ogger for having the best outlook, Gumby for putting it all on the line, Rhodes for constantly killing it, Dominic for making blading look unreal, The Stewart brothers for lighting up AZ with the genny, Awall, Daily, Troyer, and Austin Paz for shooting photos, Kato for the inspiration to start Revolution, DL, Alaska, Dirt-Box for being rad, QT & Circle K for saving our life when it's 110 degrees, Wally at M1 for all the wheels, Strange Creatures homies, Honey Baked for coming up, Roccity, Geoff Acers: The Legendary "Man-Am", Fester, TNS Sessions, The Arizona skate scene for all the support - all of you are badass! All the skaters worldwide who believe in what we do!

Revolution 90 Second Edits filmed/edited by Jon Jenkins


James Johnson / wallride 180 / Tucson, AZ


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