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Revolution 90 Seconds - Brian Bina

BinaHow was your experience filming for your Revolution 90 Second Edit?

Super badass. I got to meet a lot of new people, and learned some new tricks as well. Stressful at times, traveling far and getting kicked out of mass amounts of spots. Got to skate killer spots. Plus James and X handle their sh*t super professionally. It was amazing working with them.

BinaWhich kinds of obstacles do you prefer to skate?

I like going to a spot where I can choose how to skate it. A plain rail or ledge is not my cup of tea really. I like going to places where I can skate around, do lines, and shred with my friends. Transitions, bank spots, interesting rails or ledges. Anything interesting really. I think it makes rollerblading a lot more fun to watch.

What influences your skating?

Dave Youhanaie for changing my life. Luda for getting me off my ass. And sorry for the caking, but people who bladed against the grain while I was growing up. Hollywood, Lilly, Short, Santamaria, Rushing, Broskow, Roche, Bailey, Moreno, Mateezy. And countless others. Strange creatures. And most importantly, the Honeybaked crew, and everyone that has supported me along the way.

"'s all part of the game, win some lose some. Can't get better without taking some type of risk" - Bina

BinaWhich trick or situation was most memorable for you while filming your 90?

Filming the ender trick at 19th Ave banks. I wanted to do it again a little cleaner, and we also could have used one more angle. When I was rolling at the top, I jumped too close to the ledge and my foot got caught. I obviously ate sh*t, and it was definitely the biggest fall I've taken in a while. But, it's all part of the game, win some lose some. Can't get better without taking some type of risk.

What made you decide to move to Arizona?

The weather and the scene. Visited here last summer, and it was hotter than hell, but the Arizona scene is something you can't describe, kids have it so good out here. Revolution does more for rollerblading than you'll ever know. And I'm happy to be in an area thriving with bladers. Miss my Chicago buds though.

"I'm happy to be in an area thriving with bladers." - Bina on Arizona


What do you want to accomplish in skating?

I've always had that little kid dream of becoming pro, but I know that's a tough goal. And no money being in the industry doesn't help at all. I just want to skate for as long as I can, and meet people while doing it. I really want to travel more as well. That's my main thing. Traveling keeps your mind healthy.

What does having a 90 Second Edit mean to you?

Can't even describe it. I never thought I would have been offered a 90. I'm pumped that Rev wanted to showcase what I do, I feel accomplished. It is an amazing opportunity, and I'm super grateful for it.


Revolution 90 Second Edits filmed/edited by Jon Jenkins


James Johnson / wallride 180 / Tucson, AZ


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